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Information System Management Assignment Help

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Information system: Information systems are the network of hardware as well as software that people and organization uses to collect and gather the process and data successfully. Information system supports operations, management as well as decision making abilities. It directs the business activities and revenues.

Transaction processing, computer systems and decision making has been the important criteria of information system.

There are some examples of information systems such as:-

Data warehouses
Enterprise resource planning
Expert systems
Search engines
Global information systems

eBay is the world’s largest ecommerce company or the online marketplace which provides the information system services where almost anyone can purchase or sell practically anything or in other words it’s an online auction and shopping website in which common masses as well as the business houses can buy and sell a wide range of products and services all round the world.

Founded in 1995, as an American multinational company by French born Iranian- American computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. It was incorporated in 1996 in California. Thereafter it was reincorporated in Delaware in 1998 and its Initial Public Offering of the common stock was floated in the same year in the market. As per EBay (2012) EBay enables its ecommerce practices through three reportable segments.

  • Marketplaces.
  • Payments
  • GSI

The major function of these three segments is to provide online platform services and tools with a motive of helping the common masses and the business houses including the small , medium and large merchants worldwide so as to establish mobile and online commerce and also assist in payments .Thus making EBay a globally commerce and payments leader.

A brief description about the three segments is provided as follows.

Put content here.

As per EBay (2012) market place performs the role of bringing the buyers and the sellers together. This is done through fully automated and user friendly websites and mobile applications which are available worldwide. The marketplace segment involves the core ecommerce platform i.e., the vertical shopping sites namely Stub hub, Fashion, Motors and and also it involves other advertising services. Another addition to these segments is buying of some technology. More the technology is advanced it helps your business to expand and enhance its earnings. Thus to be a step ahead there are certain new technology that have been added to its pocket. Some of the important ones include

  • Red laser for enhancing mobile commerce.
  • Milo so as to enhance better search of goods at local retailers
  • Hunch to enhance the merchandising depending on the taste and preference of the customers.


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