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About Raul Valdivia
About Raul Valdivia
Experience - 8 Years
Member since: Nov 15 2011
Earnings: $1,000.00
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About Marion Castro

About Raul Valdivia

Masters in Economics from University of Texas, Arlington and PHD in economics from Manchester College


Around 10 years of experience as economist and I have worked for many organizations and it has been very rewarding. Also, I am working as a freelancer as Economic Advisor.

Professional Experience

I am working as an economist and I have a good exposure in Economic Policies. From my past experience, I have gained proficient knowledge of providing better consulting to my clients. I have worked on the following industries: Banking (Retail, Financial and International), Trade Finance and Corporate Credit.

Professional Skills

Trade Finance, Credit Analysis, Bank Management, Risk Management, Economics Research, Economics Consultation, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Planning and Development.


I am very fond of music. Whenever I get time, I just play my music system. I am also an avid reader. I have good collection of books with me. Even when I am travelling, I always carry a book with me.
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