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About Grace Jennings
About Grace Jennings
Experience - 9 Years
Member since: June 22, 2007
Earnings: $750.00
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About Marion Castro

About Grace Jennings

I have completed my masters in computer architecture from Queensland University of Technology, Australia


I am a successful technocrat, working as Principal Consultant at one of the best IT consultancy in US. Before this, I was working as a Programmer/ System Administrator.

Professional Experience

From my experience, I have gained immense knowledge of providing better security to a system, providing better game development solutions, better computer networking solutions, etc. I have worked on LAN, WAN and MAN. I have an experience of Network testing as well. My role was also to initially test a network system before being implemented for client security services. I have strong technical experience including software design, software development, IT consultancy and support.

Professional Skills

Cloud Computing, LINUX, UNIX, shell scripting, Data Structures, Programming principles, design and analysis of algorithms, SQL, Decision Trees, Data Warehousing, Data Tree, Language generation, JAVA, ERP, E-commerce, DB, SYBASE, FoxPro, Computer Networks Engineering, Computer Complexities, SPSS, SAS, LINGO, CAD/CAM, OOP, System Design, Internet Security,Database, Enterprise Architecture, Performance Engineering, Computer Science Research, Development tools and Frameworks, Performance Modeling, Software Programming, Database Architecture, Server Architecture, Multicore Processing, Technology Assessment, Software Coding, Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, etc


My hobby is to learn more about new technologies, keeping myself adept with all the techi things around me. Apart from that, I like travelling and exploring the world.
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