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Cancellation and Refund Policy

With increasing demands on students for bettering their performance at every domain, pressure associated with each of them to outdo their previous performance is extreme. This almost makes them negate their personal self and completely immerse themselves in academic studies. However, at times, this complete dedication is not possible, and so it becomes quite a difficult issue to make sure that level of work and expectation is quite high.

Under such state of affairs, one can surely take help from which makes sure that each and every subject is explained in detail, and hence one can easily develop a liking for that subject. With us, all these subjects are explained in detail by means of assignments and hence one can get a detailed analysis of their subjects of choice.

Major problems that might arise:

Generally we at make sure that each and every projects with us are dealt with extreme care. However, at times there arise certain situations, wherein there might arise certain lack of satisfaction regarding our projects. This generally happens when there are certain quality issues, or demands are not met, or even due to certain financial backlogs.
In such cases, as per policy of Assignments Web, we make sure that certain amount is refunded to our customers, or project cancellations are done. In this it is important that we make sure monetary refund is granted to people to make sure our reputation and trust associated with our company is maintained.

Reasons for cancellation of orders:

Our main aim is to satisfy our clients. However, at, there arises certain situation wherein cancellation becomes inevitable. Such unavoidable circumstances may arise when:

  • Some of our expert writers may not be available for a certain time period. In such cases, problems arise with quality levels. Under such state of affairs it so happens for certain special cases expert writers are required. In case they are not available for some reason, that specific order is cancelled.
  • At times, some of our team members are concerned with certain singular projects at one point of time. In such cases, there happens to be a general lack of delivery and hence cancellation of orders is made. In such cases it so happens that due to certain unforeseen circumstances, certain orders are to be cancelled. In such cases, we make sure that orders are cancelled within 2 hours to make sure that client has ample time to get their work done from other sources. In such cases, we accept complete responsibility and make sure that compensation is paid.
  • There are times when an order is cancelled in between by a client who does not wish to further deal with it. Since we are determined to offer 100% client satisfaction, while cancellation of order is done, we make sure whether this reason is valid, whether there are certain quality issues with our work. Based on a detailed research by our team, we make sure that a certain amount of compensation is provided by

We are extremely concerned regarding our cancellation policy and hence make sure that certain terms and conditions are followed during our cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy:

There is a certain set policy that is made regarding any type of cancellation orders. That is followed by in case of every customer, to make sure that our standard for all of them are fair enough.

  • Cancellation orders can be placed only 2 hours post monetary payment. After this time period is over, no cancellation orders can be made.
  • Cancellation orders for those goods that have same day delivery cannot be made. Even within a short span of time, such cancellations are not made.
  • Any type of cancellation orders need final sanction and authorization from us. That will depend on adequate proof that has to be provided, validating the reason for cancellation of orders.

Thus, following these regulations, one can surely get their cancellation policy well accepted and hence with such a fair understanding, this help service can continue in its regular process.

Our revision policy:

In case of getting a proper revision, it is important to have a knowledge regarding dates that are to be maintained. In case, deadline is over, refund policy becomes difficult for us, and alterations are to be given by consumers themselves.

In this regard, request for revision are accepted up to a stipulated time period of 15 days post service delivery. After that no such demands are taken into account.
We at Assignments Web, make sure that in case of our refund policy, all our customers are treated in a fair manner. In this way, they can come back to us in better times.

Request for refund:

At there are certain aspects which are maintained while making sure that customers get complete refund. We try to make sure that certain genuine issues are kept in the forefront for our refund policy.

  • Customers who have not received our services that they had paid for.
  • Customers can also ask for refund in case they did not receive our services within the stipulated time period. But in this case notification has to be received from their end.
  • In case of any plagiarism issue, or proof of below quality writing, we offer complete refund to our customers.

Being a well-known and professional service firm, we make sure that we are able to match up to your standards every time. In case, fails to math up your expectations, we make sure that you as a customer receive complete compensation from our side.

Refund policy:

We at Assignments Web, make sure that customers get complete service worth their money. But at the same time, our customers need to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

  • Refund is available only when proper proof regarding any failure, be it on terms of quality or timely delivery is exhibited. Our team needs to clarify these issues in full front before making a refund.
  • In case a customer changes his or her demand post completion of work and then ask for a refund based on that, then in such cases refund is not provided.
  • In case of lengthy writings, and those on technical front, any change has to be made prior to the 15 day period after its delivery. In case any notification does not reach us within 15 days, no refund or revision will be entertained.
  • A simple mail asking for refund will not be entertained. A proper grade sheet or mark sheet needs to be submitted before our services to ask for refund policy.

Thus, we at make sure that each and every customer can have a good association with us and thereby this bonding remain for future help as well.

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